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Surpassing User Expectations

GetsmartCoders has over 10 years of experience in providing outsourced web applications services to our clients around the world. Our experience comes handy in helping you select the right technology, create apps that scale well, and ensure fantastic user experience. Our range of web applications solutions include apps for online stores, CRM systems, support forums, finance, education, travel, health and lots more. We develop apps in collaboration with you, which is why our solution helps you meet your end objectives most efficiently.

outsource web application development services

Walking the fine line of managing your expectations and producing a quality deliverable is an art which we have mastered over the years. Yes, like others we strive to meet your requirements. However, unlike others, we strive to justify our choices. We believe in taking you through the development process, helping you identify boundaries of your project right till the end. In the process, we ensure there is no design rushes, no coding delays, and no disappointments whatsoever. It’s because of this razor-sharp practice to developing web apps that we are rated as one of the best web app development company in the world.

Delivering End to End
Web Application Development Services

Our web application development services include the entire gamut of outsourced web app development including custom web application development.
Some of the services we specialize in include:

Web Application Design

What matters the most in drawing users to your application is outstanding design. So, we invest much of our thoughts and energy into giving you a design that matters. To ensure this, we work hard to keep the basics right. We give due attention to page layout, image size and quality, font types and sizes, navigation etc. The result of this painstaking effort is highly appealing visual page for your web app development needs.

Web Application Prototyping

We follow a highly iterative process to web application prototyping so that it is always easy to review, comment or validate it. We sit down with you to identify the key components of your ideas and ask the right question for each component. Based on these inputs, we figure out the prototype that makes perfect sense and that would most effectively answer the question your user is looking for. This ensures the purpose of outsourcing web application development needs is perfectly met.

Web Application Deployment

Our web application deployment process revolves wholly around your audience. We divide your audience into three distinct groups which includes your end users, the operations staff responsible for running the software, and the support staff assisting your users with the software. This is followed by developing a robust deployment strategy, executing adequate installation testing, training all stakeholders and developing supporting documents. We follow a range of deployment methodologies including VIM-style, FTP uploads, rsync, source control etc. So, when you outsource web application development to us all your deployment needs are taken care of.

Web Application Testing

With our web application testing services, we analyze the testing requirements for your application and set up a test environment to test it fully. We make it a point to set upset-up a test environment that is different from development and production environment. Our test environment primarily comprises different database server, web server, and application server. Our web application testing services includes functional testing, user acceptance testing, performance testing, security testing etc. Our experience in outsourced web app development services guarantees you the best app testing results.

Web Application Modernization

Our web application modernization system aims to modernize your systems to improve flexibility, reduce risk, and cut down on operation costs. If your application is facing issues in the form of maintenance costs, diverse technology platforms, lack of systems support and integration, our solutions help you overcome them with low-risk transformation and guaranteed more performance. Besides helping you address situations, our modernization solutions will also help you to address specific customer requirements.

Web Application Maintenance and Support

We have vast experience in helping our clients manage their online world by maintaining, troubleshooting, analyzing and assessing applications/systems. Our web application development services guarantee improved efficiency and ROI at high reduced costs. We specialize in fault analysis, upgrades and patches, design update, code review, testing, application enhancements and 24x7 support. We use the latest technological advancements and a global delivery model to support your business in a comprehensive way.

Web Application Re-Engineering

Over the years, we have developed special skills in web application reengineering through our own proven methods. Our cutting-edge re-development process makes use of advanced technology to incorporate advanced features and functionalities in your application and make it more up-to-date and robust. Our well-established programming processes, proprietary methodologies, strict quality management systems and global delivery model guarantees re-engineering at minimized costs and reduced time-to-market. The scope of our re-engineering services includes assessment of existing legacy systems, language upgradation, user interface conversion, database changes, technology upgradation etc.

Custom Web Application Development

By outsourcing custom web app development services, you intend to develop an application that specifically meets your needs. For this you need analysts who can gather meaningful insight into your requirements. This is where our team of analysts can give you a heads up. They bring over 200 projects worth of experience to the table which when combined with structured execution, robust programming framework, well defined coding guidelines and state-of-the-art development centers can give you the best of results. Besides business specific applications we have experience developing custom web application for multiple industries including content management platforms, interactive customer facing portals, corporate intranet portals etc.

Advantages of Web Application Development

There are good reasons to prefer a web application to a mobile app or even software. Since a web app is essentially a client-server computer program, it is stored on a remote server and can be accessed using the internet through a web browser. Some common examples of web apps include Evernote, Netflix, Google Docs, etc. These apps allow you to perform certain tasks or functions, rather than just being another avenue to gather information from. There are several advantages to using a web application over other technologies. Some of these include:

  • Easily accessible from a range of devices regardless of which operating system you use
  • Cost-effective as there is no need to purchase additional hardware or perform updates
  • Easily setup: all that is needed is a username, password, and URL
  • Helps businesses become more flexible and adaptable to shifting market trends
  • Upgrades can be made more easily as all that is required is an up-to-date browser or plugin
  • Increased workloads can be accommodated easily by adding new servers to the system
  • No need to download/install them as they can be accessed with just an internet connection
  • Easily scalable to meet the growing requirements of your organization
  • Involves lower maintenance costs as it is installed on the host server
  • Your data is secure as web apps capture data on remote servers, not on a device
  • Storage capabilities are exponentially increased with the availability of the cloud
  • Enhanced interoperability as web-based architecture can be rapidly integrated with enterprise systems

Why Our Clients Trust Our Web App Development Process

Our approach traces a path of tried and tested processes developed over our years of experience in custom web application development. It includes the following

Understand your requirements

Suggest improvements and feasibility ideas

Conduct qualitative research of your competitors

Support the development for future enhancements

Build a flexible and scalable architecture

Create an innovative design

Know Why Our Web Developers are the Best

All our web developers are familiar with all aspects of software technologies involved in a web application. These include database technologies, the web server environment and middleware components, network protocols, UI and UX, basic visual design and user interaction concepts.

Besides technical knowledge our web application developers have the right experience to be experts. Once they are on board, we train them to acquire positive traits such as strong motivation, diligence, patience and more. We bank on both their expertise and the traits to ensure you get more than what you desire. In addition to these qualities we create a work environment where active collaboration and logical thinking is appreciated the most.

Know Why We Are the Best Custom Web Application Development Outsourcing Company

As a premier custom web application development company, we offer you many benefits including:

Custom Application Development 10+ years of experience in web design and development

alue add-consulting 100+ experienced developers and designers

project management Innovative techniques in keeping with industry trends

competitive rates Complete customized app

lexible business models Focus on user oriented design for audience engagement

Guaranteed timeline Comprehensive maintenance and upgradation support

If you are looking to experiment creatively with the development or upgradation of your application, outsource your requirements to a web application development company that knows web app development like the back of its hands. Get in touch with GetSmartCoders experts now.