Solving Mission-Critical Business Problems with Artificial Intelligence Solutions

GetSmartCoders has vast expertise in algorithm development for AI services. We bring a great mix of highly qualified technology developers, data analysts, data science experts and a wealth of experience to automate tasks in the manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, education and entertainment segment. From improving in-process efficiency to quality control; from delivering real-time credit scoring to developing power chatbots; and from enhancing medical diagnostics to boosting hospital floor operations we can deliver a range of solutions to make businesses leaner and future-ready.

We use high level and low-level object-oriented computer programming languages along with a range of AI techniques like machine learning, cognitive computing, pattern recognition and knowledge virtualization to craft smart systems that help expedite processes and streamline business operations. A large number of our clients have adopted our AI solutions to successfully meet new age business needs.

Our Artificial Intelligence Services

Our strengths lie in our innate ability to understand the architecture of such intelligent systems completely. This helps us to create bespoke solutions that can automate specific tasks of your business. As a global Artificial Intelligence services company,

We provide assistance to businesses in various aspects of AI development. An outline of our services is as follows:

Machine Learning

We leverage our knowledge of AI to develop Machine Learning solutions that can help you identify data patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention. Our Machine Learning solutions can be leveraged to solve tough issues like detecting credit card fraud, develop self-driven machines and boost the capabilities of face detection and recognition solutions. We have helped industries like Customer Service, E-commerce, Finance etc. leverage Machine Learning to develop some specific solution for automating manual intensive processes. Our solutions adapt to the ecosystem of your business based on inputs and new data structures.

Applications Development

We leverage our expertise with building mobile and desktop applications and combine it with mainstream open source AI prototyping tools like Prediction IO platform, Eclipse Deeplearning4j to build smart applications. We incorporate high performance engines into Mobile and desktop apps to create well rounded applications that help with task automation. Advanced features like smart logins, predictive in app content delivery and gamification make user experience enthralling. Our applications are designed to streamline your business processes and give you a better understanding of consumer behavior and target them more precisely. Our extensive expertise in developing advanced AI systems will help you automate a variety of manual tasks

Predictive Analytics

We leverage AI to improve the predictive ability of your operations. For instances, our solutions can help improve asset efficiency by predicting downtime. Likewise, you can use it to gather reliable information for a host of predictive needs such as forecast financial trends, marketing campaign efficiency and sales and support trends in the form of detailed reports. For all these cases, we ensure there is least human intervention whatsoever.

Engineering Designs

We leverage AI to automate product design and enable the creation of complex next-generation engineering concepts with the click of a button. Our solutions leverage historical data to design, test, and certify difficult designs and is geared to help our clients improve productivity by at least 50% and cut down on expenses and time significantly. We use Robotic process automation to build highly scalable and powerful solution that automate repetitive tasks without the need for human intervention.

AI Consulting Services

We are your ideal technology partner that outfits your business with software prototypes in order to achieve your vision for the future. Our premium consulting services leverage our in depth understanding of AI system architecture to assist your in house team with the development and testing of prototype software suites. Our consulting services employ the use of the latest technological breakthroughs and software developing standards.

Enrich and Transform your Business Process with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can enhance your business operations in several ways. Some of the advantages that you can leverage by incorporating Artificial intelligence services into your business model include.

Automate Processes

AI systems enrich businesses by facilitating the creation of business intelligence features. These features help businesses make smarter and faster decisions in floor-level operations, sales, finance and marketing, based on the insights supplied by these systems. In the operations level in particular they help to perform and automate specific tasks previously carried out by humans in lightning speed and matchless accuracy. AI systems also automate daily tasks like e-mail based communications, accounting etc. and reduce your dependence on human resources. We use core AI prototyping techniques such as Natural Language processing to business systems that are capable of comprehending speech and texts.

Streamline Customer Support

A big problem common to companies cutting across verticals is the lack of timely support due to reduced employee strength or flood of support requests. AI can be effectively used to resolve these issues in an automated manner. Chatbots are one of the most widely used tools today. They handle multiple customers at a time and are efficient at clarifying customer queries in a timely manner. Customer facing industries like Airlines, Hospitality, Insurance and Healthcare can improve their relationship with customers by leveraging AI systems. As a specialized artificial intelligence solutions company, we specialize in tailoring solutions to meet all these needs.

Deliver Personalized Experiences

AI systems follow the ‘learn and adapt’ functional structure. This enables them to learn user preferences as a cluster and output responses by segmenting them. This feature finds use in user intensive applications like CRM systems, E-commerce platforms, E-learning platforms and portals that see a large scale interaction of users like in the media and entertainment industry. Specialized features like predictive analysis, augment the business process of multiple industries enabling them to get a real time and accurate insight into consumer behavior, user preferences and personnel management.

Our End to End AI Development Process

We follow a linear approach to the design of our AI systems, which is as follows:

Identify Business Initiative
The motive behind AI incorporation is analysed. Metrics are designed to measure the effect of
AI implementation.

Identify Stakeholder and Constituents
Business verticals that will be impacted by the AI implementation are analyzed. The features of the AI tools are finalized accordingly.

Understand Prediction of Performance
The design of the AI tool is enriched based on a forecasted understanding of how it will affect the performance of your business.

Testing and Evaluation
The system architecture is evaluated for performance glitches. Fixes are instated and fine-tuned.

The completed build is incorporated onto existing business systems. Data is moved from legacy systems to new system featuring the new AI tool.

Implementation of Technology
The plan is executed incorporating the right technical tools. All automation features are enriched as per requirement.

Know Our AI Development Professionals

We are a team of developers, algorithm specialists, testers, data analysts and business process enhancers, bringing together a great understanding of technology and business processes. We bring a great mix of essential programming languages like Python, R, Prolog and techniques derived from statistics models like decision processes, Advanced analytics and conditional probability to create great builds with a superior functionality.

We bank on the limitless potential of AI technology to create a variety of solutions which help businesses streamline processes and take the right business decisions. Our specialization in data modelling and security enables us to complement our projects with unmatchable levels of security while still managing to provide them with versatile integration features by leveraging the use of a wide variety of popular APIs. We also develop complex knowledge virtualization systems that help businesses gather valuable insights for improvement.

Our expertise with data science and deep learning assists you in uncovering insights based on how your customers engage with your business. We do this by instating contemporary data mining techniques and the design of the data lake architecture for your operations. We utilize essential machine learning and predictive analysis principles to enable you to fine tune customer engagement to match the changing demands of the future.

Why Outsource Artificial Intelligence Development Services to Getsmartcoders?

Custom Application Development Over 8+ years of experience in developing advanced algorithms for automating diverse processes

alue add-consulting Access to over 1000+ engineers with proficiency in Python, Java, Lisp, R and Prolog, five of the most popularly used languages in AI development

project management Expert knowledge of Machine Learning, Data Science, Hadoop, SAS, Data Mining etc

competitive rates Up to 40 % reduction in development costs and 30% reduction in TAT

lexible business models Close coordination with client technical teams for customization and seamless implementation

Guaranteed timeline Quality solutions with round-the-clock support teams

Put together, we are an Artificial Intelligence services company that specializes in the implementation of AI development for process augmentation. Outsource Artificial Intelligence services to us to develop complete or specific artificial intelligence driven solutions to meet today’s competitive requirements.

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